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1. Actor Employment Non Union Low Budget (7).
2. Actor Employment Loanout SAG (10)
3. Actor Employment SAG Weekly (4)
4. Actor Offer Letter (3)
5. Artwork Release (1)
6. Casting Director Agreement (Independent Contractor) (4)
7. Certificate of Authorship - Original Work (1)
8. Certificate of Authorship - Work for Hire - Short Form (1)
9. Certificate of Employment (4)
10. Certificate of Engagement (3)
11. Co-Production Agreement (TV Series) (3)
12. Composer Letter Agreement (Low Budget Feature) (7)
13. Composer Work-For-Hire _Album Rights (7)
14. Confidentiality Non Disclosure & Non Circumvention (5)
15. Copyright Assignment Agreement (3)
16. Crew Deal Memo (3)
17. Depiction Release - Documentary _Short Form (1)
18. Depiction Release - Life Story (Option Purchase Format) (4)
19. Depiction Release - Life Story with Reversions (3)
20. Director Employment Agreement (13)
21. Director Loan-Out Agreement (27)
22. Director Television Series Employment Agreement (14)
23. Documentary Rights Grant (5)
24. Employee Confidentiality (4)
25. Extra Agreement (3)
26. Extra Release (1)
27. Film Clip License (5)
28. IFTA Arbitration Agreement (2)
29. Literary Purchase Agreement (3)
30. Location Agreement (2)
31. Make Up and Special Effects Contractor (9)
32. Master Use License Agreement (4)
33. Merchandising Agreement (14)
34. Minor Release (1)
35. Music Supervisor (10)
36. Music Supervisor Direct Employment (11)
37. Nudity Rider For Actor (2)
38. Option Purchase Book (21)
39. Producer Employment (7)
40. Product Placement Agreement (4)
41. Product Release (1)
42. Production Services Agreement (11)
43. Rewrite Employment Agreement (6)
44. Short Form Assignment (1)
45. Soundtrack Recording Agreement _Loan-Out (8)
46. Stunt Performer Employment Agreement (3)
47. Synch, Performance, Master Use and Mechanical License(6)
48. Television Series Producer Agreement (9)
49. Theatrical Distribution (19)
50. TV Music Rights License (2)
51. WGA Writer Employment (15)
52. Writer Employment Non Union (6)
53. Writer Team Employment Theater WGA (17)

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Movie Tv Contracts Pro

53 Professional Motion Picture Contracts For Film & Television on CD-ROM

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Movie TV Contracts Pro is the most convenient, time saving, cost-efficient way for the professional to have all the contracts necessary for all types of entertainment productions.

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