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Budget Forms Pro



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BUDGET FORMS PRO – is a Microsoft Excel Budgeting Template


  • Film, Documentary & Video Budget Template
  • A.I.C.P. Commercial Budget Template
  • Music Video Budget Template

What's on the BUDGET FORMS PRO – CD-ROM:

  • 7 Page Film Documentary & Video Budget Template
  • 7 page A.I.C.P. Commercial Budget Template
  • 7 page Music Video Budget Template
  • 2 budget styles ("$" or "0" for each budget)
  • Budgets include a Top Sheet budget summary
  • Budget Forms Pro User Guide


System Requirements:

  • Windows System Requirements:
  • Version of Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office
  • Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • Intel Pentium or compatible processor
  • 16 MB of RAM, C.D. Rom drive

  • Macintosh System Requirements:
  • Version of Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office
  • Macintosh Processor 68020 or greater or Power PC System 7 or higher, Mac OS, or Mac OSX
  • Intel Pentium running Mac OSX
  • 16 MB of RAM, C.D. Rom drive

Budget Forms Pro Compatibility Chart

Windows Macintosh
Excel 2007 Excel 2008
Excel 2003 Excel 2004
Excel 2002 (Office XP) Excel  X
Excel 2000 Excel 2001
Excel 97 Excel 98


Budget Forms Pro is a package of standard budgeting forms based on the A.I.C.P. (Association of Independent Commercial Producer) commercial budgeting form. This budgeting form has been used throughout the Motion Picture, Film and Video industries. Budget Forms Pro forms are designed to support all phases of production. From pre-production, production to post, Budget Forms Pro contains all the budget forms needed to do a professional job, including a top sheet budget summary.

Budget Forms Pro forms are Excel Templates and designed to work with any version of Microsoft Excel for PC or MAC.

Budget Forms Pro Excel Templates are completely programmed to do all of your calculations.

Budget Forms Pro Excel budgeting templates are based on real world production. All forms have been updated to support current budget categories, budget practices and current production trends.

Budget Forms Pro CD Rom has two types of budgeting templates for each of the Budget Forms Pro Film, Commercial & Music Video budgets. Template one is designed and programmed with a "0" (zero) amount in each of the active cells on the budget pages. This budget can also serve as a reference guide. Template two is designed and programmed with a dollar amount ($) displayed in all appropriate cells.

The Standard Budget Forms Of The Industry

  • Budget Pre-Production, Production & Post Production.
  • Will Support Any Size Production
  • Estimate And Actual Costs On Each Page
  • Change Line Item Names
  • Change Percentage Amount
  • Print Out Your Whole Budget Or Just The Top Sheet.
  • Convenient And Practical
  • Great Price


Fill In, Save, Print, Email, Convert to PDF....Start Doing Your Budget Now!


Will Work In Any Computer, Will Print From Any Printer......   Q: The difference between amateurs and professionals?......   A: Movie Forms Pro Interactive...... Ready To Print, Ready To Use......   Q: How do you turn your computer into a production office?......   A: Movie Forms Pro Interactive.......

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Movie Forms Pro

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